We're removing the friction from finding, organizing and contacting your ideal client. 

Leadroot was founded out of the frustration of finding updated B2B sales data. Our process is designed to be hands-off yet transparent. By combining best sales practices with our proprietary technology we're able to deliver a consistent work output (leads and meetings set) that can integrate into any CRM system. 

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Why we're here

Sourcing quality leads can be a challenge. Digging through the internet and attempting to find the right people to reach out to can be a frustrating experience, which is exactly why we sought out to find a better way to streamline the process. We came up with an effective and proven technique to find leads in any given industry in a reasonable amount of time for a competitive price. It’s a solution that we want to bring to every business big or small, and this motivation is what keeps our team driven to bring your business the data you need for growth.

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Our global team

Utilizing the power and reach of the internet, Leadroot combines the affordability of an overseas team with the power of US based project managers to delivery high quality leads at an affordable rate. All researchers and project managers are vetted and background checked to ensure a secure and quality work product.

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