Get targeted B2B sales leads with Leadroot.

Stop searching across the web for new leads to target. With Leadroot lead research, simply outline your ideal targets and we take it from there. With built in check and balances and industry leading data verification were a perfect fit for your business.

Hyper focused order types to get you the right leads.

We've developed specific processes for each order type below in order to give you accurate and fresh lead data.

Broad Order

Provide industries and titles that you would like to target and we'll deliver back companies and contacts.

Extraction Order

Provide URL(s) that list people and we'll deliver back all the information that we can find on them.

Similarity Search

Provide LinkedIn URL(s) or a customer list and we'll find contacts that are similar.

Company Order

Give us company names and titles and we'll deliver back contacts within those parameters.

Research Order

Describe the scope and we'll find people that match your needs. This is for very focused data.

Data Enrichment

Provide a list of contacts and we'll find more information on them for you.

Storefront Data

Provide a list of areas and we'll find storefront data. We can find things like restaurants and retail stores.

Full Name

Email Address

Job Role

Company Size

Company Revenue

Phone Number


Technolgies Used

LinkedIn Profile

Any type of field export you could need

We understand that every business has their own system for handling and filtering data. That is why we make it as simple as possible for you select set field types and then export this data to any CRM system for further manipulation.

Our data verification promise

90% email deliverability

Through our extensive lead generation process paired with our comprehensive quality assurance, we can guarantee that 90% of all email addresses you receive in your order will be accurate.

100% fresh data

Once you send off your order, our agents get to work researching and accumulating your leads. We can guarantee that all our data is acquired during the time that your order is being processed.

Put lead generation on autopilot.

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