Put your cold outreach on autopilot with Leadroot.

Let Leadroot be your sales outreach flywheel. Have us find contacts, create and test messaging, and actually perform the outreach on your company's behalf. 

Have our team handle every aspect of reaching out to prospects

We've developed a scientific-like process to reaching out to a market. We can handle all the services below or just a small part of it - your choice. Our customers utilize us to free up time so they can focus on closing deals. Let us set the meetings. 

Lead List Building

ICP Mapping

Cold Emailing

Cold Calling

Crafting Sales Copy

Inbox Management

Metrics Reporting

CRM Enrichment

We've set meetings with some of the world's top brands...

A smart way to generate demand for your company





Customer acquisition and demand generation can be an incredibly tough challenge to overcome for any business. That is why we have combined the process of lead generation and sales outreach into one easy to manage operation. Through the utilization of our excellent lead generation division alongside our accomplished team of sales agents, we can find and identify the people you need to reach out too and establish an initial connection with them, saving you time and effort while you grow your business.

Contracts Counsel uses Leadroot to find, contact and set meetings with their ideal customer profile. Leadroot was able to increase their average qualified opportunity rate by 2x.

Put lead generation on autopilot.

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