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The problem

Contracts Counsel was trying to expand out their reach to a wider audience of potential customers. They knew who their core audience was, individuals, entrepreneurs or small businesses with limited resources who were in need of legal assistance relating to contracts. Contracts Counsel’s current customer base was made up of these types of professionals, various C-level executives and startup founders in a wide variety of industries ranging from technology based startups to mid sized companies based within the medical industry. They knew that their services had a wide appeal, they just needed to get their website in front of potential clients.

Contracts Counsel then decided that it was in their best interest to hire an agency to assist them with their outreach efforts. They knew who they needed to target, but wanted assistance with the logistics of finding potential prospects to reach out to and handling the process of finding out which of these prospects would be interested in discussing their services with them or signing up to try out their platform. They were unsure if the best path forward was to perform cold calling, cold email outreach, or outreach via Linkedin in order to bolster their audience, so working with an agency would ensure that they are getting the right guidance.

The solution

In the end, ContractCounsel decided to work with Leadroot to manage their outreach campaign as they were the most capable of performing the necessary lead and market research in order to find the right people in need of their services. Together, ContractCounsel and Leadroot worked together on a game plan to figure out what titles and industries would be the most receptive to their effort. They then settled upon performing various cold email outreach campaigns targeting Owners/Founders/Presidents/CEO’s of businesses with 11-50 employees across all 50 US states. With these parameters set, they decided to target the following industries.

  • Healthcare

  • Computer Software

  • Real Estate

  • Construction

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Insurance

From Leadroot’s expansive database of contact and business data paired with their team of dedicated researchers, they were able to gather together 8000 leads a month fitting this criteria for their various email outreach campaigns.

"Contracts Counsel uses Leadroot to find, contact and set meetings with their ideal customer profile. Leadroot was able to increase their average qualified opportunity rate by 2x."


Danial Webster

Senior Marketing Associate at Contracts Counsel

The outcome

Within the first month of their outreach campaign, Leadroot was able to consistently set up ContractCounsel with contacts who were interested in their services on a weekly basis. Based upon the A/B testing performed by Leadroot, they were able to quickly determine that contacts working within the real estate and insurance industries were the most receptive to ContractCounsels services, on average being 41% more likely to respond positively to our outreach efforts than any of the other industries that were tested throughout their campaign. Below is a summary of what we were able to accomplish for ContractCounsel.


  • Average 3 campaigns sent per month

  • Average 71.9% open rate on cold emails

  • Average 7.9% reply rate on cold emails

  • Average 4.4% positive reply rate on cold emails

  • Average 19 meetings set per month with qualified prospects

"Without Leadroot we would have wasted months trying to perfect an outreach process."

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