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The problem

This company had a problem. They had a number of long term projects with various types of companies across various industries that have made up the majority of their income as a business. A number of these contracts were going to be completed in a matter of months, but they did not have enough new prospects coming in to balance out the projects that were about to conclude. They needed to push harder to find more businesses to work with, but did not know where to start. They knew exactly what their target audience was, but needed assistance with the process of finding the right leads and organizing an outreach campaign in order to find interested prospects. Being a mid sized company with limited time and resources, they wanted to work with an agency who can handle the research and outreach while their sales department focused on closing deals.

The solution

In the end, this company decided to partner with Leadroot in order to expand their audience due to their pay per lead model, allowing them to save a great deal of money while being guaranteed a certain amount of interested leads per month. Together, this company and Leadroot began formulating a game plan going forward, deciding which target markets to begin reaching out to start and coming up with further industries to reach out too later down the road if their first month is a success. They decided to target the following type of contacts.

  • C-Level/Manager Titles within Marketing departments of businesses with 15 or more employees.


Within these parameters, Leadroot and this company decided to target the following industries with these types of contacts.

  • Computer Software

  • Health and Hospitality

  • Legal

  • Consumer Goods

With their targets decided upon, Leadroot began performing their outreach efforts.

The outcome

Within three months Leadroot was able to successfully make 61 positive connections with decision making contacts within the industries that Leadroot targeted during their outreach efforts, allowing this company to close 7 new projects with 2 months of working with Leadroot. Below are some of the metrics:


  • Average 2 campaigns sent per month

  • Average 58.9% open rate on cold emails

  • Average 9.1% reply rate on cold emails

  • Average 4.5% positive reply rate on cold emails

  • Average 14 meetings set per month with qualified prospects

"Without Leadroot we would have wasted months trying to perfect an outreach process."

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