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The problem

This client was looking for a new solution to bring in more customers to a list of their existing franchises located across the country. These franchises were located in population dense cities, where the competition between other local restaurants and chain restaurants was high. They wanted to increase their overall exposure by advertising with non-chain local businesses within the surrounding environment of each franchise, but needed to figure out a way to effectively find the proper leads within the area of each location, as well as figure out a way in which to organize the logistics of setting sales meetings across an entire department.

They needed to find a qualified agency to assist them with the process of finding the ideal contacts to target, as well as an agency who they could work with throughout the duration of their campaign.

The solution

In the end, they decided that Leadroot was the right agency to work with as they had the technology in place to find the appropriate lead data for their campaign. The client and Leadroot then moved onto planning out their game plan going forward. Together, they devised up a plan to target their outreach campaign towards

  • Owners/Founders of small brick and mortar business locations within a 20 mile radius of each franchise.

  • Managers & executive level titles of medium sized businesses located within a 20 mile radius of each franchise.


With these targets in place, Leadroot began preparing for their outreach campaign. Leadroot was able to search across the internet and their proprietary databases for targeted prospects that fit this criteria within the 20 mile radius decided upon with the client. Once the lead lists were built, Leadroot began performing their campaign searching for contacts interested in working with our client.

The outcome

Within three months Leadroot was able to successfully make 55 positive connections with local businesses within their targeted area, allowing them to expand the reach of their advertising. Below are some of the metrics:


  • Average 2 campaigns sent per month

  • Average 78.9% open rate on cold emails

  • Average 8.7% reply rate on cold emails

  • Average 6.1% positive reply rate on cold emails

  • Average 18 meetings set per month with qualified prospects

"Without Leadroot we would have wasted months trying to perfect an outreach process."

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