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The problem

Byron’s primary source of leads came from organic web traffic and product recommendations of past clients. Byron knew that they needed another marketing channel to push their services to new target markets. Byron’s primary customer base was made up of executive level professionals in small to mid sized companies. They knew that their target audience was any manager or individual working in a fast paced working environment but needed help finding and connecting with this audience.

Byron was seeking the help of an agency who could research their target market for leads, perform and manage cold email campaigns, and then set meetings with qualified prospects. Since Byron is a self funded startup, time and money were a large factor in deciding what agency would be the best fit to work with for their new marketing channel.

The solution

In the end, Byron decided that Leadroot was the right agency for the job as they contractually guaranteed leads as well as being able to handle the task of performing the proper type of market research they needed to grow their business. Byron and Leadroot then moved onto planning out their game plan going forward. Together, they devised up a plan to target the following markets for their campaign.

  • Startup Founders with less than 10 employees

  • Executive level titles within sales and marketing departments

  • Management titles at companies with 10-50 employees

Leadroot was able to search across the internet and their proprietary databases for targeted prospects that fit this criteria. Once the lead lists were built, Leadroot began performing their cold email outreach campaign searching for interested prospects.

"Leadroot was a critical part of our sales funnel and allowed us to put all our focus on sales rather than research."


Ralph Freeman

Senior Sales Associate at Byron

The outcome

Within two months Leadroot was able to identify the ideal customer profile for Byron, allowing them to further focus their marketing efforts going forward. Within the first month, Leadroot was able to see that executive level titles within marketing departments were the most receptive to their services. Below are some of the metrics:


  • Average 2 campaigns sent per month

  • Average 79.8% open rate on cold emails

  • Average 8.1% reply rate on cold emails

  • Average 4.2% positive reply rate on cold emails

  • Average 14 meetings set per month with qualified prospects

"Without Leadroot we would have wasted months trying to perfect an outreach process."

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