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The company


Nolan Bulger is a digital marketer, copywriter, and the co-founder of FatCat Leads. His marketing agency is focused on helping businesses improve sales and reach their business growth goals. FatCat Leads specializes in bringing unique solutions to their clients’ problems, and assists businesses in finding leads and converting them into high-paying customers.

The problem

Nolan had a client that wanted to reach out to storefronts across the United States that would be interested in using their delivery platform. Nolan’s strategy was to reach out to as many restaurants across the country through a highly-targeted cold email marketing campaign. Nolan identified food delivery aggregator companies, such as Seamless & ChowNow, that contained databases of restaurants across the country, but gathering contact information on these businesses, on a large scale, was a difficult challenge. Nolan needed to figure out a solution to accurately gather this data in a quick and efficient manner.

The solution

Enter Leadroot. Being an agency that solely focused on gathering lead information for businesses, Leadroot was quickly able to create a game plan and apply their proprietary process of data accumulation to Nolan’s project.


We began the process by identifying potential cities and areas that would be ideal for the needs of Nolan’s client. Through our mapping process, we searched through all cities in the United States and mapped out each possible outcome that would be suitable. Once an addressable market was established, we then began moving on to the next stage of our process.


Through a combination of extraction and our team of trained lead generation specialists; Leadroot compiled a list of functioning restaurants across the United States. With this information in hand, Leadroot enriched these restaurants for data fields like restaurant owner’s name, email address, website and phone number. Using our proprietary technology stack, we verified this information and only delivered back verified data back to Nolan.


From this list, Nolan and his client were able to identify which businesses were ideal customer profiles (ICP’s) to further focus their efforts and maximum their chances at success.

"My experience with Leadroot has been awesome. They did a great job in helping my agency source thousands of prospects within our targeted markets in a timely and efficient manner.  Not only were they able to get us the exact type of data we needed for our outreach project, I felt they were truly invested in making our campaign a success I highly recommend Leadroot, and would hire them again in a heartbeat!"


Nolan Bulger

Founder & CEO

The outcome

With Leadroot’s human team and proprietary technology stack Nolan was able to work with his client on launching a successful outreach campaign. Leadroot’s process of sourcing, vetting, and hand checking data ensured that Nolan’s outreach wouldn’t fall to deaf ears, ensuring that their efforts would be reaching the areas that we were looking for.

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