Leadroot releases a free Phone Number Validation API

Here at Leadroot we always had the issue of finding phone numbers listed on websites to then realize that the phone number is dead. To combat this issue we built an API internally to test these numbers before making the calls. Today we're happy to announce that we're releasing this API to the world for free.

API Call

200 OK Response


     "validation": true,


     "country_code": "US",

     "national_phone_format": "(555) 555-5555",

     "state": "California"


If you need assistance in setting up a custom integration or want to also get data points like landline/mobile or phone providers please contact us at team@leadroot.io.

Give our Phone Verification API a try!

"Using Leadroot's Phone Validation API ensures that our call centers don't call any dead phone numbers. Also with their location tag we can group calls by timezone."

-A Utah based call center

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