How Leadroot finds and generates their lead data

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We’ve looked at the lead generation as a service market and it’s huge. In fact, we’ve found and analyzed over 700 companies that provide fairly similar services to us. With numbers like this, it’s fairly common for us to get asked why we’re better than X company.

When you start breaking down these companies, for the most part a lot of them simply rely on manpower to solve problem and do not take a technology first approach to solving lead generation source problems.


Leadroot was founded out of the frustration of working with some of these 700+ companies. When these companies throw only manpower at work you run into issues like quality, validation and consistency issues. A lot of the time you can even see it in the work deliverable with different font throughout a document.


Here are Leadroot we take a more technology driven approach and then subside it with different levels of human talent.

Proprietary Technology


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